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Lead Inspection

Federal law requires contractors that disturbed painted surfaces in homes, child care facilities and schools, built before 1978 to be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. The EPA began enforcing the new Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule (RRP). This is new rule is the latest EPA regulation addressing the hazards created by disturbing lead-based paint. Virtually any trade or contractor that disturbs painted surfaces in Target Housing (pre-1978 and child-occupied structures) will be subject to the new requirements in the RRP.

Some of the notable new requirements include:
- All Painted surfaces impacted by contractors in Target Housing must either assumed to be Lead-based Paint or tested (In CA testing can only be done by a DPH certified Inspector Assessor or Sample Technician – Patriot.)
- All contractors that disturb painted surfaces must become trained and certified as Lead Certified Renovators (This includes an individual certification and company certification)
- Currently, contractors must distribute the EPA Pamphlet titled Renovate Right.
- Contractors must use lead-safe work practices!

A lead inspection is designed to answer two questions: “Is there lead-based paint present in the housing unit and Where is the lead-based paint Surveying a housing unit for lead-based paint is typically performed using an XRay Fluorescence analyzer, called an XRF. Paint or other coatings with lead levels above the established threshold are considered lead based (see the definition for lead-based paint). The HUD Guidelines include a protocol for conducting a lead inspection. A final Inspection Report identifies all surfaces with lead-based paint but does not provide the consumer with information about the condition of the paint, the presence of lead contaminated dust or soil, or options for controlling any hazards found.

A lead paint inspection is most appropriate for property owners who need to know where lead-based paint is located, such as in the following situations:

- People considering renovation, remodeling or demolition work that would disturb painted surfaces and may generate lead dust hazards unless proper precautions are followed.
- Home sellers desiring specific information about lead for marketing purposes.
- Home buyers or renters who want to know how much lead paint is present and its location (or who feel strongly that they want a home that contains no lead-based paint.)
- Rental property owners seeking exemption from the federal lead disclosure requirements by demonstrating that a specific property does not contain lead-based paint.
- Rental property owners who might need or desire documentation about lead-based paint for insurance, financing, or other reasons.

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